Schedule Your Annual Physical Exam


It is one of the best things you can do for your health!

L.A. Care Medicare Plus covers one annual physical exam every 12 months. Make good use of this benefit to stay on top of your health. When making your appointment, don’t forget to let your doctor’s office know this is your “Annual Physical Exam.”

What is an Annual Physical Exam and what can I expect?

An annual physical exam includes a review of your personal and family medical history and an examination by your doctor.

Your doctor will screen for health issues and suggest ways for you to stay healthy. This is also the time to talk with your doctor about any health concerns. Your doctor will check you, review your medications (please bring them or a list of all medications you are taking at this time with you to your appointment), and ask about behaviors like smoking, alcohol use, diet, and exercise.

Tests and checks to learn about your health may include:

  • Height and weight 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Body mass index (BMI)  
  • Risk factors
  • Vital signs (listen to your heart and check your pulse)
  • Physical exams, such as head and neck, abdominal, or neurological 
  • Breast exam and pelvic exam for women
  • Genital and prostate exam for men

What happens after an Annual Physical Exam

If you are healthy and your test results come back normal, your doctor will likely give suggestions to help improve your health or to stay healthy.

If an issue shows up or you have abnormal results, you may need more tests or a follow-up visit. Your doctor will talk this with you and build a treatment plan. 

As always, L.A. Care is here to assist you. If you have questions, please call L.A. Care Medicare Plus Member Services at 1-833-LAC-DSNP - 1-833-522-3767 (TTY 711).