Chronic Conditions

Do you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart disease? Services to help manage your disease are available. Prior authorization rules and referral requirements may apply. During the Annual Wellness Exam and Health Risk Assessment, your doctor and the L.A. Care team will evaluate any chronic conditions for treatment. Support also includes the L.A. Care Health in Motion program and resources as well as other disease management programs.

L.A. Care’s Health in Motion™

This program helps you reach your health goals with our experienced staff of Certified Health Coaches and Registered Dietitians. We help L.A. Care members:

Diabetes Management

We offer a wide variety of services and supports, including diabetes self-management training, diabetes monitoring supplies, therapeutic shoes or inserts. Diabetic supplies and services are limited to specific manufacturers, products and/or brands. Contact us for a list of covered supplies. Prior authorization rules and referral requirements may apply.

Other L.A. Care Programs to Help You Take Better Care of Your Health