Formulary Search

Welcome to the L.A. Care Formulary Search application where you can find out if a medication is covered under an L.A. Care health plan.

1. Start typing the drug name in the search field. The search field will populate a drop-down menu of available drugs that begin with those letters alphabetically.

2. Select the drug type and dosage you are searching for to display the coverage details.

Updated 01/2024

How do you request an exception to the L.A. Care Medicare Plus Health Plan Formulary?

You and your provider can ask us to make an exception. For example, you can ask us to cover a drug even though it is not on the Drug List. Or you can ask us to cover the drug without limits. If your provider says you have a good medical reason for an exception, he or she can help you ask for one. 

To learn more about how to ask for an exception, see Chapter 9 of the Member Handbook. If you need help asking for an exception, you can contact L.A. Care Medicare Plus Member Services at 1.833.522.3767 (TTY 711), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. 

Request for Medicare Prescription Drug Determination Request Form

You can find the most current lists and applicable criteria of drugs requiring Prior Authorization and Step Therapy on the Part D & Prescription Drugs section of this website. 

If you need a copy of the Drug List, call Member Services or you can find the most current, downloadable Drug List (Formulary), searchable by therapeutic class, on the Member Materials section of this website.