About Us

L.A. Care Health Plan has been proudly serving Los Angeles County for 25 years. We are the nation’s largest publicly operated health plan serving more than 2.7 million members. 

L.A. Care is committed to advancing health equity for our members and communities across Los Angeles County. Health equity means everyone has access to high quality health care, benefits and services, with the respect they deserve to remain as healthy as possible.

  • With L.A. Care Medicare Plus, members can choose among a large network of high quality primary care providers and specialists. You can see a doctor who speaks your language and understands your background.
  • L.A. Care Medicare Plus offers complete care that coordinates your Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits, helps with access to resources like housing and food, and offers benefits and services like care managers and 24/7 customer service at no cost.
  • Members have trusted L.A. Care to provide access to high quality health care for more than 25 years. L.A. Care is here to stay, and employees live and work in the same communities where our members live, giving us unique insight into the needs of our members.

L.A. Care has served 160,000 seniors and people with disabilities. Our efforts to support our members include:

  • Providing accessible exam equipment to nearly 2/3 of L.A. County's safety net clinics
  • Conducting onsite inspections of 1,200+ doctor's offices to determine accessibility
  • Providing member materials in alternative formats, such as Braille, large-print and audio
  • Providing free interpreter services and American Sign Language (ASL) videos explaining why it's important to use interpreters
  • Conducting disability training for all L.A. Care staff
  • Offering free health education and physical fitness classes for seniors and people with disabilities at Family Resource Centers

L.A. Care's mission is to provide access to quality health care for Los Angeles County's vulnerable and low-income residents and to support the safety net required to achieve that purpose. L.A. Care offers four product lines including Medi-Cal and L.A. Care Covered on the Affordable Care Act exchange.

L.A. Care advances individual and community health through a variety of targeted commitments. Among those commitments is Elevating the Safety Net, a five-year, $155 million initiative to recruit new primary care physicians to the Los Angeles County Safety Net in an effort to address a growing physician shortage. The initiative includes a provider recruitment program, a medical school loan repayment program, a residency support program, and full medical school scholarships.

The health plan is also committed to addressing social factors that impact health, including a $20 million commitment to address homelessness. L.A. Care committed the funding over five years to Brilliant Corners, an agency that supports the L.A. County Housing for Health program. The funding is helping to house 300 households, most of whom are L.A. Care members.

Just last year, L.A. Care embarked on a unique $146 million collaboration with Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan to jointly operate new, safe and inclusive Community Resource Centers across Los Angeles County. Each center will connect members from both plans and the Los Angeles community to classes and personalized services that will address social needs and keep them active, healthy and informed. There will eventually be 14 centers across the county.

To learn more about us, visit the L.A. Care website.